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Serpent Oil Vs Oil Additive – Engine Automotive Friction Problem – Part I.

  1. Engine Automotive Oil Additives or “Serpent Oil”? Oil ingredients have actually fallen short to deliver for several years.

In August 1992, a remarkably created post exposed the repeated failures in the claims of the oil additive (engine auto as well as trucking) market. The article was qualified Snake Oil – Is That Additive Really A Negative? It was composed by Fred Rau and was originally printed in Roadway Biker publication, now Bike Consumer News. That reveal provided the basis wherefore we in the sector recognized: oil additives are a means of raising cash from the pocketbooks of uninformed customers.

Lots of in the engine automotive market were currently skeptics. We have actually listened to all the pledges of friction decrease, longer long lasting engines, and also gas cost savings. Repeatedly, such want to be options failed to measure up to the hype. With over thirty years in the area, I was a full blown skeptic with loads of oil additives’ experience under my belt.

Nonetheless, an experienced business owner in the area of “toll mixing” for heavy duty commercial options made use of his proficiency to create an eco risk-free, rubbing lessening, electric motor oil additive, solving the one problem oil ingredients stopped working to get rid of.

Currently, if the problem is absolutely solved, the advantages are apparent:.

– less friction means engine automobile defense.

– much less warm indicates engine automotive friction is minimized.

– longer engine life indicates a surge in engine automotive performance.

– less friction/heat produces a drop in engine vehicle relevant expense.

– much less rubbing, warmth also leads straight to enhanced engine automotive fuel economic situation.

Electric motor oil, as a lubricant, works yet is not always sufficient. When it fumes, electric motor oil breaks down, vaporizes and also burns. The oil sector has actually been quite innovative, making use of different ingredients to combat this process. Motor oil ingredients containing zinc compounds, molybdenum (” moly”), chlorinated paraffins, and also others. The problem with all these ingredients (besides connecting oil passages and also toxicity) is they are just put on hold in the oil.