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What is a Certificate Course in Community Health?

Health care is dynamic and the largest opportunities are provided. As we know everyone requires someone to provide health aid, some specialised healthcare professionals. These professionals play a very vital role in society and community healthcare workers help people and also the government to implement various policies with their help. Here we will discuss the certificate course in community health. 

Many paramedical college in Delhi NCR also provide certificates online in collaboration with NIOS(National Institute of Open Schooling). You can pursue a Certificate Course in Community Health online as NIOS has provided the facility to study online.

What is Community Health?

Community health has a wide range of activities that are aimed at promoting and preserving various demographic groups and providing them with health aid and care. Community healthcare professionals aim to reduce differences in healthcare in different rural and urban areas and deliver proper medical treatment and recommendations to the people. Community health professionals play an important role in the health of the society. Community health care professionals also provide data to state and accurate medical conditions of different areas. Community healthcare experts also help execute various government policies on the ground and make them victorious.

What are the Significance of a Certificate Course in Community Health?

Certificate courses in community health are offered by the National Institute of Open Schooling.  It is an online certificate course. This course is an accessible pathway for students who are interested in making a difference at the grassroots level and improving the health and lifestyle of society from urban to rural areas. If a candidate is already working as a healthcare professional and looking to improve his skills and knowledge then this course could be an appropriate option for you.

These certificate courses cater to a diverse range of learners, designating them to donate effectively to community health initiatives and fulfil medical needs in scare areas.

What is the syllabus of a Certificate Course in Community Health?

The various subjects that the students would be exposed to during the tenure of the course our as follows:

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Our Body and Immune System
  • Prevention of Common Diseases and Home Remedies
  • Yoga and Health
  • Management of Diseases through Yoga

What are the Impact and Career Opportunities after a Certificate Course in Community Health?

There are various job opportunities after pursuing a certificate course in community health and some of the job opportunities available after this course are:

Community Health Worker: The community health workers work for people on the root level and their task is a bit tough as they manage all the medical facilities in multiple locations where medical facilities are not easily available. The government appoints various community health officers to implement various health policies on the ground and these are the ones who perform on the ground and help the government with appropriate implementation.

Health Educators: You can become health educators and provide health education on various levels and also spread awareness to society. These educational health educators provide health education where the people of various societies are not aware of basic health education.

Public Health Officer: You also have an opportunity to become a public health officer and serve society. It is a government opportunity and a well-paid service with various other responsibilities and perks as per responsibilities. It is a well-reputed job.

Community Health Coordinator: One can also become a health coordinator as various people are not aware of health and they appoint a health coordinator to take care of their health and this is a well-paid service. Health coordinators also play a pivotal role in providing proper health assistance and spreading awareness to society.

Healthcare Advocate: One can also become a health advocate and serve people. The health care advocate works for their patients and provides information to their patients regarding their rights, navigate healthcare systems and also provide appropriate health care. Healthcare advocates play an important role as a medium between healthcare providers and insurance companies. They also help while claiming medical claims like bills and insurance and assure claiming insurance and other medical assistance.

Pursuing this community certificate course from any best paramedical college. The paramedical course allows you to enter in the world of healthcare sector and you can make a secure career in the government or private sector.

 In conclusion, the community health certificate is run by NIOS online for students who are unable to take regular classes and gain knowledge to enhance their careers and advance their careers.

Community healthcare professionals play an important role in society and this course enhances their knowledge and skills so they can serve in this reputed and respectable sector and serve the society.

An Overview of Certificate Course in Community Health Course

Course Name Duration  Eligibility Fees
Certificate Course in Community Health


1 Year 10th Pass with any stream(From any recognised board) Rs.5000